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CIR.CUNS.TAN.CIAL arises from an intimate need to create. After a very brief interregnum that tasted like too much, and even if that interregnum really existed, the need to free the trapped pencil from the drawing board, leads me to cross old fields and rescue one of those residual projects that turned out to be consecutively postponed or terminated. The zine, due to its uncompromising character, was always the target of my fascination for its apparent simplicity which in its crudest nature seemed to me.

Drawing, cutting, pasting, writing, compiling, photocopying, and distributing... if I have never carried out one of these efforts before, it is because tending to improve the smallest detail was inevitable for me, and in a way, this characteristic was opposed to spirit and purpose of the various zines in question.

However, at the time I dump these words here, I don't know if this same zine will eventually see the light of day. Other zines in more advanced stages suffered.

If, on the one hand, I lack the illusory availability of the past, on the other hand, discipline abounds. Equipping discipline and zine in the same block of text can sound bizarre or even exotic, however it is in this discipline that the unknown success of author editing is trusted. If availability and discipline are extreme... greed and fury are the same. And no more, a few brief moments ago I read and reread Jorge de Sena's "letter to the young poet" and I begin to transcribe some of his words:


"I'm not telling you not to publish the verses, once you have the courage and strength to hang on to the unstable balance between the prostitute condition and the monster condition. In fact, if the temptation you feel is irresistible to write them down, if you are not looking for fame or profit, if the pain of writing them is only cured by the greater pain of writing others, if you feel empty and sad when they are written and suffer from feeling empty when you go to write them, and you never know what you're going to write, and you think everything you've written is horrible but you can't destroy it, so publish them, publish them always. And send them to everyone. All. But don't ask anyone for opinions or advice. Let them all be bound forever by the guilt of not having read it, not making sense of it, not admiring it."


This is what it's all about... editing with all the usual fury and greed and pre(n)ssure of those here who remorse themselves and rattle the rack and bend the staples with the cob of their nails to create a zine. The circumstance is not to pragmatize but allowing ourselves to be carried away by the fiery moment. And may the circumstances of today drive the ballpoint pen into its long kiss with the sheet of paper, and may the circumstances of tomorrow stay in the tomorrow.

Here are the typical and due thanks to all the accomplices of the custom and to those who just now joined us. They know who they are and that's enough for me.


- anónimo coroado, VIII 16 2021