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// year one // last review » VIII 27 2022

distinguished accomplice ... you are then forcibly invited to participate in coletivo depressivo's zine directed by anónimo coroado

so let's move on to the creation of year's 1 edition

these are the lines and that's it :


- preference for original recent content never ever published before

- each artist gets as many pages as they want ( preferably multiples of 4 )

- pages shoud not be signed nor dated

- you must send the originals by traditional mail and, if you wish to, a BMP file scanned at 300dpi is always welcome

- there's a page listing the authors so it's rather important the know the artist name you wish to sign with

- submitted pages will be reviewed and might not be published

- pages can not depend on digital suports and/or online stuff

- artwork can be of literary nature, drawing, painting, photography, collage, ...


- this zine is analogue ( home made ... printing & spitting & tape glued )

- pages are 297 mm high x 105 mm wide ( vertical folded A4 )

- artwork can extend through the entire A4 occupying both pages

- you can use the paper horizontally even though the zine's orientation is vertical

- as a matter of fact, we do appreciate artists that challenge us to publish their weird submitted pages

- pagination of multiple pages by the same artist may come to be non-sequential and therefore continuity may or may not be compromised and it's a decision that is up to the editor alone

- black printed core on 70 gr white paper using homemade laser printing with the typical irregular white margins ranging from 3 mm to 6 mm

- cover in different printing technique for each issue and paper, with 180 gr approximately, with different color and texture for each issue

- most likely there will be a distinct difference from run to run since it's a zine's nature


- there's no digital format zine but you are free to share it as you please

- each edition is made up of 100 print runs

- there is a legal deposit and, strangely enough that this will happen in a zine... the legal deposit forces it to be filed in the Portuguese National Library

- another copy is always sent, as it is custom, to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt

- all selected artists will receive at least one print run, by hand or by traditional mail

- issues are to be sold at symbolic prices to support printing and distribution costs and the sweat of the invited and involved artists... but everything will take its time

- the received artwork originals will be sold at symbolic prices to support the zine costs and eventually support other editions of the collaborating artists

- make / repeat / ?? / non-profit


- non-sequential edition and without previously defined date and/or interval

- year 1 does not correspond to a calendar year but to a series, and this A1 series works on the senses, more specifically on the vestibular system :

- a1.n1 » nociception | perception of pain

- a1.n2 » proprioception | perception of body awareness and surronding space

- a1.n3 » kinaesthesia | perception of movement

- a1.n4 » chronoception | perception of time

- a1.n5 » equilibrioception | perception of balance

- a1.n6 » thermoception | perception of heat

- a1.nα » an additional issue ( residual ) will be published for each year and intends to gather submitted pages that have not been included in their disctint numbers

- a1.nx » a collection of all minutes will be published in an additional 'minute book'

- a1.n_.x_ » eventual 'appendixes' may be published and refer to specific years and numbers as additional later complements

- a1.nØ » a 'compendium' will always be a short-run object that gathers all the artwork of a given year


I won't go into more details because, even though I've already thought about the global thing, I don't want to tie you up with minutiae... here, on this side, the thing will be solved with duct tape if necessary