any item, if available, can be requested by email and will be sent by traditional snail mail and paid by paypal (+ fees)
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? do I have to submit artwork composed by sequential pages

do what you feel, it's not mandatory for those said pages to have a flow/order and at the end of the day, nevertheless, i may want to use those pages on a random unsorted order and i will eventually shuffle them with other's people pages

? i didn't quite understood the zine's orientation and dimensions

the size is 297 mm (7.54") height per 105 mm (2.67") width and you can work it either vertical or horizontal

if you wish to, you can even use the entire A4 page (297 x 105 mm / 7.54" x 5.33")

? do i really have to send my pages by traditional mail

yes, send it by traditional mail 'cause we do have exhibitions on launch day, we need to scan it with certain specifics and because originals are sold at symbolic prices as project funding

? black and white only

it will always be printed on black over white but feel free to create it in color

i'll always end up tweaking the artwork contrast for better quality prints

? you'll print a magazine in limited copies

yep, 100 copies

artwork will be selected if considered cut out for, along the provided theme and spirit of CIR.CUNS.TAN.CIAL

? what about 3D artwork or other media outside the rules

it's possible, do bend the rules and make me think